Espoma Naturals is committed to providing the very best in safe, natural animal care products.

Espoma is a family-owned business best known for its 85-year history of producing high quality natural plant foods. The company has grown enormously since the early days when founder H.G. Sanders rode his horse to work nearly every day. As it turns out, a fondness for horses has been handed over with the reins of the company from generation to generation. That’s why Espoma is especially proud to offer Sani-Care, the very first product from our new, natural animal care division. Clean, uniform, extremely absorbent, safe and easy to use, we believe that Sani-Care is simply the best overall value in large animal bedding. Like all Espoma products, it’s safe, natural and effective. We use Sani-Care for our own horses, because we really care. When you select Sani-Care, be confident that you’ve chosen the very best.

  • H.G. Sanders
    Espoma founder H.G. Sanders aboard “Rusty” in 1944.
  • Jaime Brunner
    Jaime Brunner, 5th generation of the Espoma company and her horse, “Phoebe.”

Nearly 64 years of corporate history has elapsed between the times these two photos were taken.

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