Is SaniCare Odor control toxic or hazardous?

No, it is not. It is safe for all animals.

Is SaniCare odor control safe for all animals?

Yes, our odor control product is safe to use with all large and small animals. It is also safe if ingested by your animal.

Is SaniCare odor control dusty?

Yes, we use gypsum as one of our ingredients and it can be dusty. Our added gypsum is one of the reasons why our product works to eliminate ammonia (rather than mask it like other products on market) but gypsum can be dusty so we recommend tailoring your use around your animal, adding the product before putting your animal in stall/cage/coop etc.

How often do I need to add SaniCare odor control?

Add SaniCare odor control as much or as little as needed. For spot treating if ammonia is your biggest concern you may want to lightly treat the spots daily or a few times per week. If dust is a concern for your animal you may want to treat weekly or even biweekly depending on your animal’s routine.

If dust is a concern for me or my animal can I still use SaniCare Odor Control?

Yes, you can still benefit from using Odor Control. We recommend spot treating less frequently or misting the product with water or fly spray after applying to control the dust. The added moisture will only help activate the product while helping to control the dust.

Do I need to strip my stall and add Odor Control or will I be able to manage my ammonia issue with spot treatments?
You do not need to strip your stall or coop etc to be able to manage your ammonia issues. Spot treating the affected areas will help control the ammonia. However, for heavily saturated stall, kennels or coops you may want to strip and start with a base layer to see the most benefits.

Can I add this to my litter box?

Yes, we are safe for all animals.

Will I be able to compost and spread my bedding with Odor Control?

Yes, SaniCare Odor Control will improve the fertilizer and soil qualities of your compost.

If I use SaniCare MicoCube bedding do I need to use SaniCare Odor Control?

No, you don’t need to use our Odor Control product. However, adding Odor Control will only further help keep your animal’s environment safe, dry and ammonia free.

Can I use Odor Control with any type of bedding or just SaniCare bedding?

You can use Odor Control with any bedding product.

What should I do if Odor Control gets in my eyes?

Rinse/flush with water.